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How to coupon – after experiencing burn out!

how to coupon

Burned out with couponing? Let’s talk about it!

Ok let’s be honest couponing was all a craze for awhile. Once Extreme Couponing came out things just got plain crazy. I will admit I went from couponing as a hobby, love and extra curricular activity – to simply not wanting to even deal with it anymore. I have spent the past two years living off my small stockpile that I moved across country (I donated 3/4th of my stockpile, about $20k in products). I just haven’t wanted to take the time to learn new stores, clip coupons and “find” new deals for my family. Add those “feelings” with the fact I have four kids, I blog 40+ hours a week and coach gymnastics 30 hours a week…and there simply just wasn’t enough time or energy in the world to put into couponing. (I know I have a lot of excuses!)

Unfortunately my husband and I have had to sit down and look at our spending lately – never a fun task. We found that we are spending nearly $700 a month on groceries! What in the world! When I lived in Washington and could double coupons I had a spending limit of $50 a week (and usually only spent $50 a month).

This simply cannot go on! I need to make a change and it has to happen FAST! I am planning on starting up a new “Grocery Budget” series. I will post a meal plan ideas, tips on budget friendly shopping, recipes and more!


My hope is that we can together find great deals, share tips, and find the motivation to clip once again. If you are brand new to couponing – than this is a fantastic time to join in on the conversation and series and learn so much!

So here is my goal: After much thought I decided that with store policies tightening up, double coupon not available in my area and our now larger family of six…I want to set my budget at $100 a week. This will include groceries, household items, diapers, cleaners – the works!

Tip #1: Set a couple of coupon related blogs as your FAVORITES on your computer browser.

Tip #2: Write up a weekly menu and shopping list, based on current store deals.

Tip #3: Start hunting printable coupons for the items on your shopping list (since if you are like me you may not have any current coupon inserts)

Anybody else with me? What type of information are you most interested in learning about? Budget friendly recipes, money saving tips, couponing tips, how to make a budget and stick to it?

What not to buy at Costco (Plus what you SHOULD buy and at what price)!

costco what not to buy

I  have shopped at Costco for years. However when I started couponing 5 years ago I began to realize that not everything is a “good” deal at Costco. Don’t get me wrong there are some great deals at Costco…but there are definitely a few items that are on my NEVER buy list.

What NOT to buy at Costco:

  1. Toiletries: While browsing the toiletries aisle at Costco you will quickly realize that the average cost per unit is well over $2-$3 per item. For instance, Schick Hydro 5 Blade Razor with 15 Refills are $33.99 at Costco! HOLY MOLY that is a lot of money! If you use coupons stacked with a great store deal you will find that Razors with 1-3 refills included will never cost you more than $1 each! In fact I don’t think I have actually PAID for razors in 5 years! In reality when stacked just right razors can actually make YOU money! The same goes for shampoo, conditioner, shaving cream, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, body wash and the list goes on!When to buy price guide:
    * Razors: $1 or less
    * Shampoo/Conditioner: $0.75 or less
    * Body Wash: $0.75 or less
    * Toothpaste: $0.50 or less
    * Toothbrush: $0.50 or less
  2. Paper Goods: Toilet paper, paper towels, napkins and diapers are all on the no-no list. I recommend purchasing all your paper goods with coupons when stacked with an excellent deal or on Amazon when the price is at a STOCK UP price. So what is the stock up price you ask? I buy toilet paper when it is less than $0.20 per single roll. So for instance, Cottonelle 2 ply 36=98 roll toilet paper is $29.99 each….that comes out to $0.30 per roll. Right now on Amazon you can grab Quilted Northern Ultra Plush Bath Tissue, 48=96 Double Rolls for as low as $19.15 with subscribe & save and Amazon mom…making your total just $0.20 per roll!When to buy price guide:
    * Toilet Paper: $0.20 or less per roll
    * Paper Towels: $0.50 or less per roll
    * Diapers: $0.17 per diaper or less (Go HERE for a HOT deal for Huggies diapers just $0.14 per diaper on Amazon)
  3. Laundry Detergent: I have found laundry detergent, fabric softner, stain removers and dryer sheets are all 2-3x the cost at Costco than the average sale price at typical store even without coupons. I typically do not pay more than $2.00 for Laundry detergent (even for name brands) or less than $1 each for dryer sheets, stain removers, and fabric softeners. 
  4. Household Cleaners: You can typically get household cleaners such as 409, Clorox, Lysol, Windex and others for around $1.25 or less  at the grocery/big box stores. At Costco you will pay more than $2.50 a piece even with a Costco store coupon.
  5. Cereal: You can consistently get cereal for a $1.00 or less per box when you stack coupons with a store deal. Cereal is NEVER that cheap at Costco even with coupons.

What you SHOULD buy from Costco:

  1. Dairy: I have found that when yogurt is on coupon at Costco it is sometimes cheaper than the grocery store. But not all of the time. However, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, eggs and other dairy products are in general a good buy at Costco. 
  2. Specialty Items: Costco gets some fabulous products that are significantly cheaper than if you purchase from the manufacturer or elsewhere. For instance, I ALWAYS buy my kids footie pajamas from Costco. Around the holidays I will often times buy toys or holiday specific decor that is  unique to Costco and cannot be found just anywhere. Or specialty items that only select retailers sale…Costco charges significantly less commission on items sold in store than most major retailers. So many times new or smaller companies will demo/promo their products at Costco in order to get their name and product out there without it costing them nearly 50% in store commission fees. (For instance, Walmart charges manufacturers 50% off the sale price of an item to be sold in their store…so for a start up or newly growing company that is completely unreasonable).
  3. Produce: Being a larger family of 6 we go through produce FAST. I recommend buying your fresh produce from Costco. Even when we were a smaller family we found that we spent less money per pound for produce at Costco even if half of it went bad or to waste than if we purchased at the grocery store. Now I know several coupon bloggers say not to buy produce at Costco but over the years I have simply found it to be more affordable for my family size.

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5 Reasons You Should Eat Chocolate Guilt Free

chocolate close up fixed

A chocolate a day keeps the crazy mom away! Chocolate not only keeps women (me) sane. It actually has health benefits. I have included 5 reasons chocolate is actually good for you. Even if you are trying to lose weight you may find that eating a few bites of chocolate each week will actually only benefit your weight loss! So let go of that guilt and let yourself indulge (in moderation)!!!

Chocolate Cheers You Up: If nothing else can make you feel better chocolate might just be the answer. If all it takes to keep me from screaming at my kids is a piece of chocolate…you can bet I am going to pop a piece in my mouth and let the happy feelings take over!

Chocolate Fills You Up:  Dark chocolate is rich in fiber. So it will fill you up and decrease your hunger and cravings.

Chocolate Makes Your Heart Healthier: Research as shown that regular chocolate eaters have an array of healthy heart benefits, because of the inflammation-fighting properties found in dark chocolate. Heart benefits include: lower “bad” cholesterol, blood pressure, and a lower risk of heart disease. Plus women who ate a small amount of chocolate on a weekly basis had a  lower risk of stroke.

Chocolate provides UV Protection for your Skin: I wouldn’t throw away the sunscreen, but research has shown that dark chocolate the ability to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Chocolate Relieves Cramps and PMS Symptoms: There is no medical reason that I know of for why chocolate relieves the pain of cramps caused by PMS. However, for generations women have craved and eaten chocolate during that time of the month, and for some reason it helps! I personally have experienced reduced symptoms of cramping after indulging in some tasty chocolate. Plus it makes you just a little less cranky to boot!


Top 10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil

coconut oil 10 ways

Coconut oil is natures gift that keeps on giving.  It is the heal all, fix all, cook all and just all-in-one most amazing natural product. The benefits of coconut oil seem to be unlimited. Whether you are looking for natural remedies to improve your healthy,  smell better or heal minor aches and pains, coconut oil is there to the rescue!

Top 10 Ways to Use Coconut Oil:

  1. Cooking and baking (a great dairy free replacement to butter.)
  2. Moisturizing Lotion  (as well as for Psoriasis or Eczema when used daily)
  3. Homemade deodorant or deodorant bars
  4. Eye-makeup remover
  5. Diaper Rash Ointment
  6. Cradle Cap Ointment (Massage on babies head, leave on for a few minutes and gently rinse with a warm wash cloth)
  7. Yeast infections
  8. Natural Bug Repellent (Mix with catnip, rosemary or mint essential oils as a natural bug repellent)
  9. Athletes Foot
  10. Increase weight loss and increase energy (when taken daily)

Here is a GREAT deal on Coconut Oil so you can test these remedies out for yourself! Amazon has this Nutiva Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, 54-Ounce Jar for just $19.38. This is a fantastic deal and YES you will want to buy it in this larger quantity! Especially if you are planning on using it to replace your cooking oils.

5 Tips for Saving on Back to School Supplies

back to school savings

With four kids in the house I know the pain of shopping for back to school supplies, clothes, shoe’s…the works. It is not cheap, and there is no way around having to pay for the supplies you need. However, I have a few awesome tips that could save you hundreds.

  1. Make a list: As soon as you can get your  hands on a back to school supply list for each of your kids grades, start writing up a general MASTER list of total supplies needed. This way when you are out shopping or looking for deals you don’t miss out on the total number of pencils, scissors, crayons, etc you need.
  2. Search your home: Go through your kids current art supplies and last years school supplies (my kids always bring home a bag FULL of left over supplies) and check off any items off your list that can be used for the upcoming school year. You can do this same thing with clothes. Go through you kids clothes sort through what can be passed down to the next child. Or if you are like me, check for clothes you may have purchased during an awesome sale months back that can now be pulled out for school clothes. :)
  3. Sell and shop at consignment stores:  Once you have sorted through your kids clothing, you may discover you have several items that are in excellent condition but are at no use for you or your other kids right now. I recommend taking those clothes to a consignment store and trading them in for either cash or credit to buy “new” clothes.
  4. Shop the sales: Starting in July you will start seeing all sorts of “back to school” sales. Many times they are with limits. So make sure you are prepared to make a few trips to the store that week or bring a family member along with you so that you can get the number of items you need. Keep in mind that all of the office stores (Staples, Office Max, Office Depot) will have rock bottom deals each week. For instance, all three stores often times have a 1¢ section, as well as a 25¢ and so on. PLUS don’t forget that the office stores also will price match each other’s ads for exact products.
  5. Use coupons: Coupons like sales are seasonal. So starting in July we will begin seeing coupons in the Sunday Coupon Inserts and online as printable coupons. In order to keep track of what coupons come out and how to use them the very best way possible. I HIGHLY recommend following a deal blog (TheBudgetBandit.com) that will inform you when and how to use those coupons! Don’t want to miss out on those deals go HERE and sign up for email notifications :)

Bonus Tip: Shop on TAX FREE Day! Go HERE to see when your state is offering no taxes on back to school supplies!

angelique extreme couponing rachael Ray

Two years ago I was asked as a guest speaker on the Rachael Ray show to talk about how to save on Back to School shopping. I was also issued a challenge against another couponer to purchase a HUGE list of back to school supplies…guess who won…check it out HERE!

What are the best ways to print and access FREE coupons from home you ask???? I’ve got answers!!!

print coupons home

Ok first of all everything I promote to you I have tried or currently use myself…I try to only promote products I myself would like. I am not here just to blabber your ears off….I truly want to help you!!!

Many of you have asked or wondered “why is the coupon in the post I want not there when I try to print it?” Well unfortunately coupons have a print limit. Once the coupon has reached the number of prints the manufacture has delegated to that coupon the coupon gets removed.  Also at the beginning of each week often times there are coupons that get added…and of course coupons that disappear. Then there is the month end…on the first day of every month the coupons get reset, deleted off the site and/or new coupons are added!!! This is why I when you see a coupon for a product you like it is important to print is right away! Also at the end of every month make sure to print any and all coupons that you like as they could very possibly be gone by the 1st of the next month!!!
“How do I up keep the cost of paper and ink?” This is another very common question I hear. The answer is quite exciting if you ask me!!! Because we are in the perfect season of the year to follow this advice. I always try to stock up on paper, ink, office supplies and all those goodies during the summer when there are so many HOT back to school deals. Luckily right now we are right at the beginning of all those SWEET deals and you can still score big. For instance, this week at Staples you could have grabbed a box of printer paper for only $0.01 after rebate!!! There are also also sorts of additional coupons for $5 off of $30 or percentages off for the office supply stores right now that will help you get your printer ink at a rock bottom price!!!

So with that said…here are a few of my favorite printable coupon sites!!!

More AMAZING coupon resources that I use….

  • Ibotta…Sign up and redeem coupons from your phone! SUPER EASY (I have earned ALOT of money with this app already!)
  • SavingStar.com…Sign up and earn the savings with your store membership cards
  • Shopkick…Sign up and redeem coupons from your phone…plus earn points to redeem for FREE gift cards! (I have earned over $100 with this app already!)
  • Target Cartwheel…This is an app that you sign up to redeem Target coupons on your phone at the register!

There is also ALL YOU Magazine which you can have mailed directly to your home…which comes with $100′s of great rare coupons! Plus you get the bonus perk of all the great recipes and tips in the magazine! I have been getting my All You magazine subscription for 2 years and LOVE IT!!!

*****Ok so that’s all I can think of right now…but if you have any further questions please ask!!! Like I mentioned above…every single coupon resource mentioned above I use and sign up for and print from…they are all awesome and I HIGHLY recommend checking every single one out!!!

5 Easy Tips (and resources) for Making Traveling with Kids Fun!

traveling kids

Planning a road trip? Here are a few fun ideas for keeping the kids happy and entertained!

It’s summer time…which means park dates, water slides and long road trips! If you have kids the idea of taking a long road trip can be daunting. Here are a few tips and ideas on how to turn that miserable trip into a fun, educational and lifelong memory extravaganza!!!

paper bag

  1. Make travel bags for each kid. There are two ways to do this the first way is take paper sacks and number them for each day you will be on the road. If your road trip is not “days” long but rather just one LONG day label your bags with times. At the specific time or date each bag is labeled…surprise the kids with the “NEW” bag! It will keep the kids on their toes :)

    In each bag place fun little trinkets  (the dollar section is GREAT for this) to keep the kiddos busy. For example, books, crayons, match box cars, coloring books, travel games, snacks (lots of these) for a little older kids I like to put in a few dollars…this way they can choose a pit stop to pick out their own snacks or souvenirs. The second way to make a travel bag is to simply pack a single backpack with all sorts of fun games, toys, snacks, treats…whatever your kids will enjoy!

    usa map

  2. Print out a picture of a United States map…give each kid a small pack of crayons…as you are driving down the road your kids can look for different states licence plates…when they see a “new” states licence plate they color in that state! You can turn this into a contest and say the kid who colors in the most states wins a prize!

    travel bingo

  3. Travel BINGO. This is definitely a family favorite for us (my kids even use their BINGO cards for just everyday around town errands)! You can purchase these easy BINGO cards with sliding windows at Walmart, Target, or pretty much any book or toy store. The best part about these little games is that there are NO small parts to drop or lose!
  4. Intricate coloring pages and contest. Give your child a new pack of markers to color an intricate coloring page. I used to use this trick in my classroom as a teacher for kids who finished their work early…it’s great! Go HERE to check out a great site with TONS of coloring pages to choose from.
  5. Play “I Spy”. My kids do nearly every time they get in the car. One child chooses something they can see from their seat in the car that will stay constant…then the rest of the car takes turns guessing what it is.

5 Tips and Tricks to stress-free couponing!


  1. Make a separate email address: many of the coupons we can get access to require us to sign up for newsletters and emails from companies…if you don’t want your mailbox cluttered with junk mail…use a separate email address. You may even want a couple of email addresses…because sometimes you can get multiples opportunities for high value coupons if you have different email addresses for the coupon to be mailed to!social media
  2. Use social media: to be honest most of the best coupons and freebies come from Facebook and Twitter. So you want to be able to quickly snatch up that next high value coupon or free item mailed to your home…make sure have social media sites up and running.PS: you can “unlike” all of those companies you “like” on Facebook as they appear on your newsfeed and annoy you. There are two options you have to not have to “see” the posts and updates by those companies we often times “like” to get coupons.facebook hide

    a.  you can click on the little downward facing arrow next to the status update of the company you are wanting to hide and click “hide all from…”facebook unlikeb. you can hove over the bolded name of the unwanted company on your newsfeed…a box with the logo or image of the company will come up…underneath the image it will say “liked”…hover over the word “liked” and a drop down will appear…on the bottom it will say “unlike” click that and you have “unliked” and “unfollowed” that company. And if they come up with a new coupon you want…all you will have to do is “like” them again :)


  3. Use a Zipper BinderIf you use the binder system…make sure you use a Zipper Binder. I will tell you from experience that using a normal trapper keeper open folder will not work! You will only end up dropping coupons out of your binder constantly…and believe me that’s just no fun at all!!! Eliminate a lot of stress and lost coupons with this one simple tool!
  4. Take advantage of the free trial offers: I honestly sign up for ALL of the free trial offers I find. I do this for a few reasons…first of all I never promote something on my blog without trying it out first. Secondly, why not try it if its free?!?! The one thing I have to tell you…it can get confusing and frustrating if you sign up for monthly club or month long trial product and forget to cancel and get charged for something you weren’t planning on paying for. SOOOO here is my little trick…I put an alarm in my calendar on my phone to remind me to cancel 2-3 days before my trial time ends (make sure to set the time for a time you will most likely be at able to call or go online to cancel).  I also usually use a reloadable visa gift card to put in a credit card number on anything that requires a credit card number…this way my personal debit/credit card is not floating around out there…and I don’t have to worry about my own bank account being affected.amazon prime image
  5. Take advantage of online deals: To be quite honest…I don’t always have the time, will or motivation to go out and chase down all those awesome deals. However…many times I can find similar deals online (especially on Amazon)! One of my favorite things about shopping online is that I can combine promo codes, with a good deal and then also shop using Ebates or ShopAtHome to get cash back on my shopping…plus most companies offer free shipping anymore!***Go HERE and find out why I highly recommend Amazon Prime!

Another online “deal” that you should definitely take advantage of…are all those points/rewards programs…I have gotten TONS of free products and gift card by using the following rewards programs: (I use ALL of these following rewards programs)

Top 5 Couponing Mistakes New Couponers Make!

couponing mistakes

  1. Many people are excited when they see an “extreme couponer” and think “awww this will be easy” they go and get their newspapers, clip their coupons and head to the store. Next thing you know they have a cart full of items that they have coupons for. The problem is they have a cart full of items they will never use or were not on sale (or a stock-up price). They have now used coupons on items they don’t need and spent way too much money for dust collectors on their shelf!
    My tip is to make sure to try to match coupons with store sales or promotions. Just because you have coupons for products doesn’t make them a good deal. Be sure to only buy products you can actually use (unless the coupon makes the item free and then you can donate them!)
  2. It is really easy to use a coupon wrong. What? Wrong, you say? Yes that’s right! Coupons come with guidelines, restrictions and expiration dates. Just because a coupon “works” or “scans” at a register does not mean you have used the coupon correctly.  Make sure that if a coupon has a specific size requirement that you follow that guideline and buy the correct size required. For example, if a coupon says “$1 off 2 Palmolive dish soaps 20 oz or larger, with a limitation of 4 like coupons per transaction” you must buy two Palmolive dish soaps that are 20 oz or larger and you may not buy more than 8 dish soaps in a single transaction (even if the coupon scans for the smaller dish soaps or for a larger quantity).
    My tip is to make sure you take the time to read ALL of the fine print on each and every coupon you use! (Remember if you follow a blog, we are all human and make mistakes so always double check the coupon, even if a blogger says you can use it!!!)
  3. You can’t simply walk into a store and expect that just because you have a coupon you will be able to use it. Many stores make restrictions of coupon use. For instance, some stores will not allow you to use a Buy One, Get One FREE coupon when the store is running a Buy One Get One Free promotion (which would result in two items free!!!). There are also often restrictions on internet printable coupons.
    My tip is to read your stores coupon policy and carry it around with you when you shop.  If you use a coupon binder, make a special section just for store coupon policies…this way you can always refer to it to make sure you are following the rules, as well as if you ever have a disagreement with a cashier in regards to the coupon policy you can simply pull it out and see what it says, problem solved. J
  4. “Stacking coupons” is a great way to maximize your savings. This is when you take a manufacture coupon for a product and a store coupon for a product and use both of them in order to save even more money! Now, the important thing to remember here is that you cannot use two manufacture coupons on the same item.  Many times I have seen people take a manufacture coupon on $1 off 3 items and try and combine it with another manufacture coupon that is for $1 off 2 items…simply because the coupons look different. But that is not “stacking”! In order to “stack” coupons you have to be combining a manufacture coupon with a store coupon…never can you use two manufacture coupons for the same product!
    My tip is if you want to “stack” coupons make sure that you are not trying to use two different manufacture coupons. Just because the coupons look different does not mean they can be combined. You can only combine or “stack” a manufacture coupon with a store coupon!
  5. It is easy to get stressed out, overwhelmed or frustrated while checking out at the register. Many times your cashier will tell you that you can’t use a coupon that you were planning on using or you forget to put the right quantity of items in your cart, or you plan out your transaction and then forget something  in that transaction. Remember it’s not the cashiers fault! They are only trying to do their job, without getting in trouble.  If a coupon won’t scan for an item that you are trying to get…even if you are using the coupon correctly have patience with the cashier.
    My tip is to be respectful and patient with your cashier. Let the cashier check out the items the coupon is for…if they are still uncomfortable with accepting the coupon, ask for a manager or simply cancel the item and come back and try to purchase the item at another time with a different cashier or at a different store.

How, where, when and what…finding, using and organizing coupons!

print coupons home

First things first, where and how are you going to get your coupons? Here are a few option for you: (1) Buy them on Sunday from a local grocery store or gas station, (2) Subscribe to either the “Times” or your local newspaper to get 1-5 delivered to your house, (3) Ask your family and friends if they would be able to give you their inserts if they are not going to use them! Now that you know your options for getting your Sunday papers, there are many other ways to find coupons, tear pads, peelies (please do not take these off a product unless you are buying the product), internet printable coupons, and you can register to have coupons delivered to your home through various websites.

Ok, so now you know how to get your coupons….now where are you going to keep them? What sort of organization do you want to use? There are many different theories as to how to sort and organize your coupons; there is the box, binder, folder system and more. I personally use a coupon binder and a filing system. I clip about 5 sets of inserts on Sunday and put them in my binder. If I have more newspaper inserts left to clip I file them by date. This way I am not separating and clipping for as long and if there is an excellent deal on something later on I can just go back to my file and clip more of that specific coupon! Now you can’t just put your coupons in a binder without anything to put them in! So I recommend using baseball card invisible/clear sheets (ebay, Target, Walmart…).

Now you have your coupons, you have them sorted and put away where you can easily find them again, it’s time to find the deals!!!! This is where I can help you the most!!! Follow a few blogs and check on them daily. Let the blogs do the work for you!!!

Just remember it is not going be a walk in the park the first time out…it is gonna take time and energy to get started. You are going to mess up (yep I made many mistakes as a beginner couponer), you are going to miss deals (I miss them all of the time!), and you are going to get confused. You do not need 20+ inserts a week…you can build a stockpile with 5 to 10 Sunday inserts easily! Just remember to be respectful to your cashiers, kind to other shoppers and try not to clear the shelves! If there is an awesome stock up deal try to special order or get a rain check!!!

Good luck! Have fun! And do forget that I am here to answer all your questions!

Mobile Coupons/Rebates/Rewards:

Printable Sites: