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Want to learn how to save 70-90% on your household budget?

Want to host a couponing party? Clipping, organizing, learning how to become an “extreme couponer” by saving 70-90% off your household budget? I am now offering classes or parties for $10/person with a minimum of 10 people per class/party.

What is included in a party? (no more than 20 people)

  • 45 minute teaching segment on “How to Coupon”.
  • Free gift for each of your guests.
  • Free Binder and set of Sunday Inserts for the host!
  • An amazingly wonderful and fun time!
  • Q & A (with prices for the winners!!!)
  • The host gets the class for free!!!

What is included in a class?

    • 60 minute power point presentation.
    • $1 Raffle Basket (Believe me you will want this!)
    • An amazingly wonderful and fun time!
    • Q & A (with prices for the winners!!!)

I also offer Private Shopping Lessons!

Have you been shopping and trying to figure this all out? Are you feeling discouraged? Need help? I am offering to take you shopping and help you organize your transactions and write up your shopping list. I will help you write your list, figure out which coupons you will need and how many coupons for this trip, I will walk you through the store and help you actually do your shopping trip and to top it all off…I will help you at checkout…just to make sure everything goes as planned!!! All of this for only $50 per store!!!
If you are interested in scheduling a class, party or private lesson please email me at